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Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing people are the key people that drives revenue for most companies. They are also the ones who, directly and indirectly, influence customers' perception and branding of your company and your products. Many companies see them as just numbers, however, we do not agree with them. For them, there are outsourcing companies out there. To us, sales and marketing functions are critical to a company's long-term success and they require more efforts to find and maintain, because there are many factors that has to be right for them to want to stay and contribute for your company (brand, vision, product, price, salary, commission, work culture, industry trend, management support, and the list goes on). If you are serious about sales and marketing functions, we believe we are right for you

We've helped our clients hiring,

Chief Marketing Officer

Public Relations

Digital Marketing

Sales Manager

Market Research Analyst

Account Executive

Business Development

Social Media Specialist

and many more.