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Responsibilities include:

As a Treasurer, your responsibility includes manage organization’s financial aspects from cash management to corporate finance. More about this role:

✓ Liaise with bankers and maintain banking relationship.
✓ Ensure financing capacity is maintained and funding operational activities is managed effectively.
✓ Manage loan processes and loan documentation.
✓ Ensure the validity of loan profiles, loan payment schedules, and covenants monitoring.
✓ Hedging/derivative arrangement to mitigate financial risk.
✓ Develop and make improvement in the system and process in treasury area.


✓ BSc/MSc in finance, accounting or relevant field.
✓ Proven experience as treasurer or in a relevant financial role.
✓ Thorough knowledge of financial legislation, regulation and practices.
✓ Knowledge of monetary market, investment management and financing techniques.
✓ Working knowledge of MS Office and financial management softwares.
✓ Good with numbers and figures.
✓ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
✓ Well-organized and reliable.

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