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Training Manager

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Training Manager
Responsibilities include:

As a Training Manager, you will work out the training strategy, monitor, implementation, and evaluate the results. You will recognize the need for training and further education and promote suitable training initiatives that strengthen the loyalty to the company. Youi will work across departments to bring employees up to date in both their industry and the company's general requirements

✓ Identifying and assessing future and current training needs through job analysis, career paths, annual meetings and advice with superiors
✓ Creating a curriculum to facilitate strategic training based on the organizations goals
✓ Managing training budget
✓ Implementing effective and purposeful training methods
✓ Assessing employees’ skills, performance and productivity to identify areas of improvement
✓ Carrying out effective training and orientation units
✓ Managing the technologies and technical personnel required to develop, manage and deliver training


✓ BSc degree in education, human resources or relevant field
✓ Track record in designing and executing successful training programs
✓ Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods (mentoring, coaching, on-the-job or in classroom training, e-learning, workshops, simulations etc)
✓ Excellent communication and leadership skills
✓ Ability to plan, multi-task and manage time effectively
✓ Strong writing and record keeping ability for reports and training manuals
✓ Good computer and database skills

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