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Technical Architect

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Technical Architect
Responsibilities include:

As a Technical Architect, your responsibility includes design the structure of our IT systems and oversee programs to ensure the proper architecture is implemented. More about this role:

✓ Discuss with the IT Manager to determine the company’s current and future needs
✓ Determine whether the current system can be upgraded or if a new system needs to be installed.
✓ Providing design ideas and schematics.
✓ Manage the design project and implementation of the system.
✓ Discuss with the software developers to define the software system needs.
✓ Troubleshoot systems issues as they arise.


✓ BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field
✓ Proven experience as a Technical Architect or Project Manager
✓ Hands-on experience with software development and system administration
✓ Understanding of strategic IT solutions
✓ Experience in project management and service-oriented architecture (SOA)
✓ Knowledge of selected coding languages (e.g. JavaScript, Java)
✓ Familiarity with various operating systems (e.g. Windows, UNIX) and databases (e.g. MySQL)
✓ Experience in cloud technologies (e.g. VMware)

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