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Responsibilities include:

As a Teacher, you will develop curriculum and lesson plans, and present those lessons to their students, individually or in groups. You will track the progress of their students and create reports to inform parents about their progress. You will responsible for maintaining a safe and respectful classroom environment in order to optimize student capabilities and develop their love of learning

✓ Preparing lesson materials, grade papers, manage the classroom, and evaluating and giving feedback to students
✓ Developing curriculum to meet developmental goals and instructional activities
✓ Exercising open and respectful communication with families, co-workers, supervisors, and other school staff
✓ Measuring progress and accomplishments of students towards their academic achievements on a regular basis and providing progress reports as required
✓ Managing student behavior in accordance with outlined guidelines
✓ Attending conferences and workshops in order to further advance professional development
✓ Providing a safe, thriving, and respectful environment for all students in the classroom


✓ BSc degree in education or relevant licence/certificate
✓ Ability to build relationships effectively and professionally with families and students
✓ Proven ability to maintain a safe and studious classroom environment
✓ Demonstrated ability to develop and implement age-appropriate curriculum
✓ Physical ability to handle frequent sitting, stooping, bending, pushing, pulling, and moving throughout the room
✓ Highly developed oral and written communication skills
✓ Experience developing and implementing curriculum

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