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Substitute Teacher

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Substitute Teacher
Responsibilities include:

As a Substitute Teacher, your responsibility will be to teach classes on a temporary and long-term basis.

✓ Study and follow the curriculum and lesson plan as provided by the absent teacher or the principal
✓ Apply various teaching techniques (including interactive methods and game-based activities) to encourage participation and facilitate learning
✓ Prepare educational materials, such as notes, exercises and additional resources
✓ Assign classwork and homework
✓ Take attendance according to school policy
✓ Grade students’ assignments and provide constructive feedback
✓ Keep track of students’ progress and write down information that’ll be useful to the regular teacher
✓ Report any incidents regarding students’ behavior in and out of the classroom
✓ Maintain a tidy and safe class environment for students
✓ Oversee school equipment and ensure students use it properly


✓ BSc in Education or other degree in Teaching
✓ Previous experience as a part-time or full-time Teacher
✓ Additional experience working with children is a plus
✓ In-depth knowledge of learning techniques and teaching methods
✓ Excellent communication skills
✓ The ability to remain patient and approachable while also maintaining an orderly classroom
✓ Great organizational skills

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