Job Description
Speech Therapist

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Speech Therapist
Responsibilities include:

As a Speech Therapist, you will educating children who face physical, mental, emotional, and learning disabilities. You will adapting general education lessons and teaching various subjects to students with mild to moderate disabilities. You will also teaching basic skills to students with severe disabilities

✓ Communicating with the patient, and liaising with their family members, physicians, and teachers to design effective treatment plans
✓ Assessing, diagnosing, screening, and preventing language, speech, and swallowing disorders
✓ Keeping up-to-date with advancements in the field by attending conferences, conducting research, and expanding professional and academic networks
✓ Educating patients and their families on speech disorders and available therapies
✓ Taking detailed notes on patient history and progress
✓ Providing mentoring and workshops to speech therapy students
✓ Evaluating patient progress and implementing changes to therapy programs as required


✓ BSc degree in Speech Therapy or Speech-language Pathology
✓ Relevant license and certification
✓ Understanding of speech-related disorders and treatments
✓ Familiarity with database management software
✓ Willingness to conduct research and travel to conferences
✓ Excellent relationship-building skills
✓ Resourcefulness and strong problem-solving skills

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