Job Description
Site Reliability Engineer

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Site Reliability Engineer
Responsibilities include:

Site reliability engineers will be dedicated full-time to creating software that improves the reliability of systems in production, fixing issues, responding to incidents and usually taking on-call responsibilities.

✓ Participate in product system design, optimization and capacity planning
✓ Communicate and coordinate with Product Managers, Developers and Infra team
✓ Perform regular and ad-hoc server-side deployments, releases and troubleshooting
✓ Prepare routine operation documentation


✓ Experiences in programming, serverless architecture, and cloud technology
✓ Expected to use GIT repository on a daily basis
✓ Good knowledge in one of programming language
✓ Expected to have no problem with all kind operating system, whether Unix-based or windows based
✓ Understand full technology stack (HTTP, cookies, caching, network, DNS, database)
✓ Have experience with AWS or GCP
✓ Good knowledge with Jenkins, Ansible, maven, and fluentD
✓ Having solid computers science backgrounds like algorithm, data structure, OS, networking, and database

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