Job Description
Senior Legal Officer

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Senior Legal Officer
Responsibilities include:

As a Senior Legal Officer, you will make strategic and contribution to technical duties, advocacy, managerial and related administrative functions

✓ Manage and provide for the legal team performance and identification of staff development needs and opportunities
✓ Coordinate, oversee and assess the work of externally-based legal monitors
✓ Manage legal team meetings, monitor implementation of individual and team work plans
✓ Participate in strategic planning, priority setting processes and evaluating of the organization
✓ Manage the financial and budget aspects of the legal team as needed
✓ Advises and supervises the review, negotiation and drafting of major agreements, institutional and operational modalities, legal submissions/motions, and other legal documents
✓ Develop new legal modalities to meet unique needs/circumstances


✓ BSc degree or Master in Law
✓ Experience of legal analysis
✓ Have advocacy skills and experience identifying and crafting advocacy messages and strategies relevant
✓ Experience in a mid-to-senior level management position

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