Job Description
Senior Hardware Design Engineer

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Senior Hardware Design Engineer
Responsibilities include:

As a Senior Hardware Engineer, develop, improve, and test components and systems including circuit boards, processors, and memory cards for computers and other devices.

✓ Developing and designing hardware components including circuit boards, switches, processors, and networking elements
✓ Modifications to existing hardware components and systems based on changes in functional requirements or use cases
✓ Conduct component tests throughout the design process, testing the elements individually and in conjunction with hardware and software systems.
✓ Prepare and maintain documents throughout the design and development process
✓ Create a prototype of a design in order to conduct further testing and modifications and modify the design based on this prototype
✓ Collaborate with software developers team


✓ Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering pr related field
✓ Good in Analytical thinking
✓ Excelent in mathematics
✓ Skill in hardware engineering software (Altium Designer, Orcad, Cadence Allegro)

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