Job Description
Senior HR Manager

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Senior HR Manager
Responsibilities include:

As an HR Manager, your responsibility includes lead our Human Resources department. More about this role:

✓ Help the Head of People-Ops develop strategies for continuous improvement in onboarding, off-boarding, employee retention and employee learning and development
✓ Understand Indonesia’s legal system and can give advice on how to approach a problem and provide clever solution that’s safe yet effective from legal perspective
✓ Construct and execute payroll. Making sure there is no missing payroll or mistaken payroll.
✓ Create SOP and execute SOP on HR related matters to keep improving the performance of the HR department
✓ Understand tax related to payroll, employee benefits and others
✓ Handle compensation and benefit as to make sure our employees are compensated fairly and treated well according to the market standard.
✓ Drive company fun activities and make sure people are happy. Be able to communicate good news and bad news well.
✓ Manage a team of HR Staffs and oversee their performance and happiness.


✓ BSc degree in Human Resources Management or Organizational Psychology
✓ MSc degree in HR or relevant certification is a plus
✓ Proven work experience as a Senior HR Manager or similar role
✓ Hands-on experience with Human Resources Management Software (including payroll systems and ATS)
✓ Solid understanding of labor legislation
✓ Excellent communication abilities
✓ Leadership skills

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