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Senior Database Administrator

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Senior Database Administrator
Responsibilities include:

As a Senior Database Administrator, the responsibilities are keep databases running smoothly with building database systems, ensuring security, monitoring user access, making sure the system meets storage requirements, adhering to the Data Protection Act, and collaborating with the operational staff

✓ Ensure the organizational data secure
✓ develop a customized database based on the needs of their employer.
✓ Creating a backup system of organizational data
✓ Check reguraly databases to ensure the backup is up-to-date
✓ create and implement the procedure for restoring data if data loss
✓ setting the rules of the databases and creat the procedure for administering database environment
✓ Test the databases are fully functional with the solution when problems do arise
✓ Collaborating with decision-makers and database users to address user and management needs in database updates


✓ Bachelor's Degree in information technology or computer science
✓ Having Database Administration experience in an operations environment and supporting live production databases
✓ Expertise in SQL Server, Microsoft Server and Windows/SQL performance monitoring
✓ Good in analytical thiniking and problem solving
✓ Experience in database operations and programming
"✓ Experience in SQL Server in Analysis/Integration/Reporting Services.
✓ Expertise in the principles of information systems

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