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Senior Auditor

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Senior Auditor
Responsibilities include:

As a Senior Auditor, your responsibility includes direct our auditing process. More about this role:

✓ Anticipate clients need, be responsive when they arise.
✓ Ability to organise summarize, evaluates and interprets data and information, and makes logical conclusions
✓ Plan and oversee the auditing process
✓ Perform effective risk and control assessments
✓ Complete audits on time and submit reports to auditing manager
✓ Present audit findings and find ways to increase compliance and efficiency
✓ Coordinate periodical audits


✓ BSc/BA in Accounting or Finance or related field
✓ Proven experience as an auditor
✓ In-depth understanding of auditing and control practices
✓ Updated knowledge of applicable laws and regulations
✓ Proficient in MS Office (especially Excel) and accounting software
✓ Strong mathematical and analytical skills
✓ Attention to detail
✓ Organizational and leadership abilities

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