Job Description
School Guidance and Counseling

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School Guidance and Counseling
Responsibilities include:

As a School Guidance and Counselor, you will assisting and advising students about academic and personal decisions. You will provide private counseling to students, assess the ability and potential in students, and coordinate with fellow professionals on student matters

✓ Conducting individual and group counseling sessions to advise and assist students with academic and vocational development
✓ Evaluating students’ attributes and assist them in realizing their objectives
✓ Developing and implementing counseling strategies with contemporary methods of mentoring
✓ Identifying behavioral problems and act appropriately to remedy the situation
✓ Cooperating with parents, academic staff and external partners
✓ Implementing and facilitating educational and training workshops for academic staff
✓ Advertising facilities and studying programs to potential students


✓ BSc degree in Psychology or relevant licence/certificate
✓ Analytical thinker with strong problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills
✓ Perceptive intuition and decision-making skills
✓ Remarkable professionalism and solid work ethic
✓ Intermediate IT skills
✓ Motivational leader who displays sound judgment and attention to detail
✓ Detail-oriented with excellent time-management skills

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