Job Description
Sales Consultant

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Sales Consultant
Responsibilities include:

As a Sales Consultant, your responsibility includes monitor and analyze our sales department performance and suggest new strategies. More about this role:

✓ Analyzing market trends
✓ Monitoring competition and following current developments
✓ Ensuring sales team is up-to-date with business targets
✓ Motivating sales team to achieve great results
✓ Finding prospective customers and new target segments
✓ Monitoring sales numbers and marketing metrics
✓ Calculating business trends, like monthly sales rates


✓ BS degree in Marketing or related field
✓ Proven work experience as a sales consultant
✓ In-depth knowledge of statistical analysis software like SPSS or SAS
✓ Familiarity with CRM programs
✓ Ability to gather and interpret data
✓ Organizational and analytical skills

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