Job Description
Retail Sales Supervisor

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Retail Sales Supervisor
Responsibilities include:

As a Retail Sales Supervisor, you will create marketing campaigns and maintaining store profitability

✓ Surpervise the works with sales associates, sales respresentative, and costumer on a daily basis
✓ Hiring and training new sales associate or sales representative
✓ Develop the marketin strategies such as creating mail, advertising campaign, and promoting in-store sales to get costumers
✓ Checking items, adjust the price, and marketing strategies for itmes that are not selling well
✓ Keeping the sales floor attractive and appealing
✓ Maintain and check the items
✓ Coordinate with invetory team for items stock


✓ BSc in Marketing or related field is a plus
✓ Experience as a retail sales and marketing role in retail sales
✓ Willing to work flexible
✓ Good in leadership skills
✓ Have knowledge in sales associate
✓ Must be detal-oriented and excellent in problem solving

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