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Recruitment Marketing Manager

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Recruitment Marketing Manager
Responsibilities include:

As a Recruitment Marketing Manager, your responsibility includes promote our company as a great place to work. More about this role:

✓ Enrich our careers page and social media accounts with multimedia, posts and employee testimonials
✓ Develop content that illustrates our life at work (for example, blog posts, videos and infographics)
✓ Identify and promote the top reasons why employees stay with our company to attract potential candidates
✓ Craft job descriptions that describe our benefits and company culture
✓ Share job ads on various online channels (job boards, social media groups, professional communities)
✓ Coordinate employer branding activities
✓ Shape the profile of our ideal candidate to ensure our recruiting strategies address the right audience


✓ BSc in Human Resource, Marketing or relevant field
✓ Work experience as a Recruitment Marketing Manager or similar role
✓ Good storytelling abilities
✓ Excellent communication skills and Creativity.
✓ Familiarity with event planning

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