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Recruitment Manager

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Recruitment Manager
Responsibilities include:

As a Recruitment Manager, your responsibility includes design and oversee our company's hiring. More about this role:

✓ Supervise the recruiting team and report on its performance
✓ Keep track of recruiting metrics (e.g. time-to-hire and cost-per-hire
✓ Implement new sourcing methods (e.g. social recruiting and Boolean searches)
✓ Review recruitment software and suggest the best option for company needs
✓ Research and choose job advertising options
✓ Advise hiring managers on interviewing techniques
✓ Recommend ways to improve our employer brand
✓ Coordinate with department managers to forecast future hiring needs


✓ BSc in Human Resources Management or Organizational Psychology
✓ Proven work experience as a Recruiting Manager, Recruitment Consultant or Recruiting Coordinator
✓ Hands-on experience with Applicant Tracking Systems and HR databases
✓ Knowledge of labor legislation
✓ Experience with (phone and in-person) interviews, candidate screening and evaluation
✓ Familiarity with social media and other professional networks (like GitHub)
✓ Excellent verbal and written communication and team management skills
✓ Strong decision-making skills

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