Job Description
Radiologic Technologist

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Radiologic Technologist
Responsibilities include:

As a Radiologic Technologist you will help physicians identify illnesses and injuries by using diagnostic imaging equipment

✓ Follow physicians' orders regarding the areas of the body of which images are needed
✓ Administering trace amounts of radiopharmaceuticals to a patient to obtain functional information about organs, tissues and bone
✓ Producing diagnostic images, reporting important information to the Physician, and updating patients' records
✓ Ensuring safety of patients during exams
✓ Follow procedures that prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation to themselves, as well as to the patient
✓ Organizing the daily procedure schedules for emergencies and monitoring radiographic supplies


✓ Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Radiology
✓ Knowledge of radiologic standards and safety, requirements and regulations
✓ Proficient ability to use a computer and electronic medical record
✓ Good mathematical abilities and technical skills
✓ Have a good health record and condition

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