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Responsibilities include:

As a psychologist, you will expect to analyse patient's problems and conditions and to give recommendations for curing

✓ Identify psychological, emotional, behavioral, or organizational issues and diagnose disorders
✓ Test for patterns that will help them better understand and predict behavior
✓ Assesses patient progress and modifies treatment programs accordingly; communicates with and counsels family members as appropriate
✓ Documents therapy in accordance with policies and procedures regarding medical records; implements and adheres to policies which ensure patient confidentiality
✓ Provide referral services to outside therapists, clinics, and treatment facilities
✓ Being patient and building relationships based on trust


✓ Master's Degree in Psychology and certified as a Psychologist
✓ Ability to observe, assess, and record symptoms, reactions, and progress
✓ Ability to evaluate the progress of therapeutic programs and to make individual modifications and to use independent judgment
✓ Have a strong communication skill
✓ Should be a trustworthy person

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