Job Description
Product Designer

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Product Designer
Responsibilities include:

As a Product Designer, your responsibility includes build products that are easy to use and visually appealing to our potential customers.

✓ Set design requirements based on briefs from internal teams and external partners
✓ Research materials and techniques
✓ Sketch drafts on paper or digitally (for example, using CAD)
✓ Use 3D modeling software to design products and components
✓ Produce prototypes and test functionality
✓ Improve the design of existing products
✓ Gather feedback from product users


✓ Bachelor degree of Product Design, Manufacturing Design Engineering or relevant field
✓ Good hand sketches presentation for discussion and brainstorming
✓ Good in 2D and 3D modeling skills (AutoCAD, 3DsMax, Solidworks, Sketchup, etc)
✓ Creative thinking and innovative
✓ Keen eye for detail
✓ Able to work independently and with tight deadline
✓ Good interpersonal and communication skill
✓ Passionate in data-driven product development and has excellent analytical skills to process the data

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