Job Description

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Responsibilities include:

As a photographer, your responsibility includes capture moments on film and to use images to tell a story

✓ Take the brief to understand specifications and work closely with our art team to develop the concept
✓ Capture and process images until you achieve desired results
✓ Shoot poses that don’t look posed
✓ Constantly improve image quality using various editing methods
✓ Use and maintain modern and traditional technical equipment (cameras, lenses etc)
✓ Arrange objects, scenes, lighting and background to adhere to specifications
✓ Direct participants
✓ Archive photographic images and maintain database
✓ Maintain an in depth understanding of photographic best practices and procedures


✓ Proven professional shooting experience
✓ Eye-catching portfolio
✓ Proficient with traditional and modern equipment
✓ Solid knowledge of Photoshop, Capture One or other photography specific software
✓ Shooting, lighting and printing skills
✓ Competency in applying photographic best practices and techniques
✓ Knowledge of production process for online publishing and various printing applications
✓ Ability to juggle multiple tasks
✓ Photography degree or similar

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