Job Description

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Responsibilities include:

As a Paralegal, you will assist attorneys in the delivery of legal documents services by drafting documents, file motions, interview clients, and prepare retainers

✓ Preparing affidavits, legal correspondence and other documents for attorneys
✓ Organizing and maintaining documents in a paper or electronic filing system
✓ Meeting with clients, attorneys, and other professionals to talk about case details
✓ Preparing briefs, wills, contracts, real estate closing statements, pleadings, appeals, and other legal documents
✓ Investigating facts and laws of cases and searching public records
✓ Coordinating law office activity


✓ BSc degree in Law
✓ Having certification program of education and training, or an associate degree in paralegal studies is a plus
✓ Proficient with Microsoft Office, specifically Outlook, Word, and Excel
✓ Able to effectively multi-task, manage time sensitive documents
✓ Have experience in office administration
✓ Good in cummunication skill

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