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Responsibilities include:

As an Optometrist, you are responsible to perform eye tests and provide excellent eye care to our patients.

✓ Perform comprehensive eye and vision tests
✓ Diagnose defects of the eye, such as myopia, astigmatism and glaucoma
✓ Provide personalized temporary and permanent solutions to sight issues based on each patient’s specific case and medical history
✓ Prescribe medications, eyeglasses and contact lenses
✓ Keep updated and accurate medical records for all patients


✓ Degree in Optometry
✓ Work experience as an Optometrist
✓ In-depth understanding of eye conditions and vision defects
✓ Hands-on experience with eye examination tools, such as ophthalmoscope and tonometer
✓ The ability to explain medical terms simply and calmly
✓ Attention to detail

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