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Responsibilities include:

As a Nurse, you will be the person to treating patient, according to health condition analysis, helping doctors to diagnose, and give emotional support to patients and the families

✓ Assessing and planning nursing care requirements and providing pre- and post-operation care
✓ Administering medications to patients and monitoring them for side effects and reactions
✓ Monitoring, reporting, and recording symptoms or changes in patient conditions
✓ Observe and interpret patient’s symptoms and communicate them to physicians
✓ Provide instant medical care in emergencies
✓ Foster a supportive and compassionate environment to care for patients and their families


✓ BSc or other diploma from a nursing program
✓ Excellent knowledge of nursing care methods and procedures
✓ Ability to effectively communicate with patients, families, physicians and hospital staff
✓ Ability to deal with emotionally charged and pressured situations
✓ Have a good health record and condition

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