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News Producer

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News Producer
Responsibilities include:

As a News Producer, you will be responsible to manage newscasts from start to finish, overseeing both editorial content of the news and how that news is produced and presented to the public.

✓ Gather information, stories and pieces from team members throughout the day.
✓ Collaborate with news director to select and prioritize content
✓ Add stories and elements that will make the broadcast more attractive
✓ Select footage and sound bites to include in broadcast to ensure consistency
✓ Liaise with the production team to keep technical standards high
✓ Communicate with the studio crew and anchors while on-air
✓ Ensure broadcast is within time limits
✓ Produce breaking news reports
✓ Coordinate with creative department to develop promotion strategies for upcoming newscasts
✓ Perform research on local, national and international affairs to stay updated with current events


✓ BSc degree in journalism, mass communications or relevant field
✓ Proven work experience as a news producer
✓ Solid experience with digital technology
✓ In-depth understanding of the production process
✓ Familiarity with camera operation, sound systems and music editing
✓ Ability to proofread and edit pieces
✓ Excellent organizational and time management skills
✓ Communication skills
✓ Ability to perform efficiently under pressure

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