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Mortgage Loan (KPR)

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Mortgage Loan (KPR)
Responsibilities include:

As a Mortage Loan Officer, your responsibility includes gather clients’ financial information (e.g. taxes, debts) to review if they are eligible for granting mortgage loans

✓ Collect financial information (e.g. taxes, debts)
✓ Evaluate creditworthiness and eligibility for obtaining a mortgage loan
✓ Interview clients
✓ Guide clients through mortgage loan options
✓ Prepare and submit mortgage loan applications
✓ Ensure data are in line with national and local financial rules
✓ Monitor and report on application processes
✓ Inform clients about loan approval or rejection
✓ Help resolve problems with applications
✓ Research new mortgage loan policies
✓ Ensure compliance with privacy laws and confidentiality policies throughout the process
✓ Build a supportive referral network (e.g. with clients, lenders, real estate agents)


✓ Degree in Finance or Business is a plus
✓ Experience as a mortgage loan officer or in a similar role
✓ Previous experience in sales or customer support is an asset
✓ Working knowledge of mortgage loan computer software (e.g. Calyx Point)
✓ Ability to handle confidential information
✓ Great mathematical and analytical skills
✓ Attention to detail
✓ Reliability and honesty
✓ A valid license is a must

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