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Mobile Developer

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Mobile Developer
Responsibilities include:

As a qualified Mobile Developer with experience in translating codes into user-freindly applications, your responsibility includes develop and maintain high quality mobile applications. More about this role:

✓ Work on the REST based web services to send the JSON response
✓ Create and implement custom UI controls for various functions such as sliding, panning and gesture recognition
✓ Integrat private API's to record user touches and display the selected controls
✓ Facilitate multithreading and asynchronous downloading of data
✓ Handle design changes and managed testing
✓ Conceive product scope and definition
✓ Decide on appropriate APIs and screen resolutions


✓ Work experience as Mobile Developer
✓ Strong knowledge of Android SDK and IOS, different versions of Android and IOS
✓ Proficient with Swift/Android Studio/Kotlin
✓ Strong written, verbal and collaboration skills
✓ Able to work on React Native / Flutter on the front end to create Android/iOS Apps
✓ Thorough understanding of React Native and its core principles
✓ Experience with popular React workflows (such as Flux or Redux) or Dart (Flutter)
✓ Experience creating, optimizing, and integrating Application - Programming Interface (API) calls; background in API development preferred.

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