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Responsibilities include:

As a Midwife, you are expected to caring and educate pregnant woman during the pregnancy, labour, and after birth

✓ Examining and monitoring pregnant women
✓ Monitoring and administering medication, injections and intravenous infusions during labour
✓ Advising about and supporting parents in the daily care of their newborn babies
✓ Advocate for the women in their care, helping to ensure they are able to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and labour
✓ Work as part of multidisciplinary teams, including, on occasion, social and family services
✓ Give support and advice on the daily care of the baby, including breastfeeding, bathing and making up feeds


✓ Associate Degree in Midwifery
✓ Certified as a Midwife from authorized institution
✓ Well skilled in communication and counseling
✓ Ability to work under pressure
✓ Familiarity with medical equipment, technology, and computer programs

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