Job Description
Mental Health Therapist

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Mental Health Therapist
Responsibilities include:

As a Mental Health Therapist, you will working with some professionals including the psychiatrist, providing and giving a proper treatment for clients

✓ Assess clients' mental condition based on review of client information, interviews, observation, tests, and collaboration with other staff members
✓ Conduct initial family assessments and refer patients, clients, or family members to community resources or to specialists as necessary
✓ Implement various treatments and protocols to provide guidance and appropriately address client situations
✓ When required, refer clients to outside sources or agencies that can better address their specific needs
✓ Monitor client progress during treatment
✓ Maintain confidentiality of records relating to clients' treatment


✓ Master's Degree in Social Work and independent psychology licensed
✓ Having clinical experience working directly with clients
✓ Solid relationship-building capabilities
✓ Maintain professional licensure and/or certification throughout employment
✓ Willingness to stay updated on new treatments, protocols, and licensure requirements within the field

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