Job Description
Marketing Executive

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Marketing Executive
Responsibilities include:

As a Marketing Executive your responsibility includes undertake marketing projects for the benefit of our company. More about this role:

✓ Oversee and develop marketing campaigns.
✓ Conduct research and analyze data to identify and define audiences devising and presenting ideas and strategies.
✓ Coordinate internal marketing and an organisation’s culture.
✓ Train and guide subordinates into accomplished professionals.
✓ Monitor results of team efforts and propose actions for the future.


✓ BSc/BA in advertising, fine art, design or relevant field; MSc/MA will be considered an asset.
✓ Proven experience as a creative director or in a similar creative role.
✓ Hand-on experience in creative process, marketing, graphic design and brand development.
✓ Excellent working knowledge of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
✓ Outstanding leadership and organization skills.
✓ Exemplary interpersonal and analytical abilities.

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