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Marketing Director

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Marketing Director
Responsibilities include:

As a Marketing Director your responsibility includes develop and implement strategies to strengthen the company’s market presence and help it find a “voice” that will make a difference. More about this role:

✓ Supervise the department and provide guidance and feedback to other marketing professionals.
✓ Produce ideas for promotional events or activities and organize them efficiently.
✓ Plan and execute campaigns for corporate promotion, launching of new product lines etc..
✓ Monitor progress and submit performance reports.
✓ Design and implement comprehensive marketing strategies to create awareness of the company’s business activities.
✓ Responsible for producing valuable content for the company’s online presence, editorial design and organizing the company’s publications.
✓ Conduct general market research to keep abreast of trends and competitor’s marketing movements.
✓ Control budgets and allocate resources amongst projects.


✓ BSc/BA in business administration, marketing and communications or relevant field.
✓ Proven experience as Marketing Director.
✓ Excellent leadership and organizing skills.
✓ Analytical and creative thinking.
✓ Exquisite communication and interpersonal skills.
✓ Up to speed with current and online marketing techniques and best practices.
✓ Thorough knowledge of web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, WebTrends etc.) and Google Adwords.

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