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Market Research Analyst

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Market Research Analyst
Responsibilities include:

As a Market Research Analyst your responsibility includes survey customer preferences and statistical data in order to support customers during their decision making process regarding product designs, prices and promotions. More about this role:

✓ Compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional methods to collect it.
✓ Perform valid and reliable market research SWOT analysis.
✓ Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations.
✓ Collect data on consumers, competitors and market place and consolidate information into actionable items, reports and presentations.
✓ Use online market research and catalogue findings to databases.
✓ Provide competitive analysis on various companies’ market offerings, identify market trends, pricing/business models, sales and methods of operation.
✓ Evaluate program methodology and key data to ensure that data on the releases are accurate and the angle of the release is correct.


✓ BS degree in Statistics, Marketing or related field.
✓ Proven Market Research Analysis experience.
✓ Ability to interpret large amounts of data and to multi-task.
✓ Strong communication and presentation skills.
✓ Excellent knowledge of statistical packages, databases and MS Office.
✓ Search engines, web analytics and business research tools acumen.
✓ Adequate knowledge of data collection methods and working knowledge of data warehousing, modelling and mining.

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