Job Description
Legal Officer

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Legal Officer
Responsibilities include:

As a Legal Officer, you will monitoring all legal affairs within their organization both internal and external legal concerns, and are tasked with doing everything in their power to keep their organization out of legal trouble.

✓ Provide the legal advice on all legal issues
✓ Handle all the documents legal such as contracts, agreements, stock certificates and more
✓ Research the legal resources such as articles, codes, statutes, and judicial decisions
✓ Analyze the actions and decisions to identify problem areas
✓ Suggest the alternative courses of action and mitigate risk
✓ Direct all claim adjusters, liability attorneys and other members of the legal staff


✓ BSc degree or Master in Law
✓ Have knowledge of all applicable laws, rules and regulations
✓ Able to prepare complex legal documents
✓ Attention to detail
✓ Strong negotiation skills and communication skills

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