Job Description
Legal Manager

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Legal Manager
Responsibilities include:

As a Legal Manager, you will overseeing all of the company's legal functions generally

✓ Provide legal advice on legal rights and obligations of corporations
✓ Research legislative issues or statues
✓ Draft and review contracts such as leases, licenses, mergers, acquisitions, and more
✓ Manage and oversee the Company’s commercial contracting purposes, including contract forms and legal contracts repository
✓ Contractual, legal and regulatory obligations
✓ Serve as the chief contract negotiator for the business
✓ Coordinate with Management for consultation and strategic direction with Compliance, and IT for Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance


✓ BSc degree or Master in Law
✓ Experience of legal analysis with the ability to absorb and analyze material quickly to prioritize focus areas and relevance
✓ Excellent in understanding of securities laws
✓ Deep knowledge of employment laws to aid in the human resource functions of the business
✓ Extremely attentive to accuracy and detail, highly organized with demonstrated ability to work well under pressure regarding deadlines, workload and unexpected developments

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