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Kindergarten Teacher

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Kindergarten Teacher
Responsibilities include:

As a Kindergarten Teacher, you will responsible for fostering the intellectual and social development of children in the first phase of their elementary school experience, or kindergarten. You will providing the tools and the environment for students to develop into responsible adults and possibly move on to higher education

✓ Teaching alphabet and numeracy along with personal, social and emotional skills
✓ Teaching children in a classroom at an elementary school, either public or private, at the kindergarten level
✓ Preparing, administer, and grade tests, listening to oral presentations, and maintaining classroom discipline
✓ Using games, music, artwork, films, books, computers, and other tools to teach basic skills
✓ Maintaining an open line of communication with parents and providing appropriate information
✓ Following and complying with teaching standards and safety regulations
✓ Organizing learning material and resources


✓ BSc degree in education or relevant licence/certificate
✓ Excellent knowledge of child development and latest education theories and practices
✓ Creative and artistic teaching abilities
✓ Excellent interpersonal and verbal and written communications skills
✓ Teaching and organisation skills
✓ Patience and flexibility
✓ Keep abreast with the latest trends and best practices

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