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Responsibilities include:

As a Judge, you will assuring the law is followed and carried out in every case

✓ Read through legal documents to make determinations about pre-trial issues, motions and final rulings
✓ Assist with monitoring jury selection, along with instructing the jury and managing them during a trial
✓ Listen to arguments from plaintiffs and defendants to determine the facts of a case and come to a ruling
✓ Ask questions of witnesses and legal counsel to make the right decisions regarding issues that may occur during a trial or hearing
✓ Meet with legal counsel to discuss and decide upon objections, pretrial motions, evidence and discovery issues
✓ Monitor court proceedings to ensure all legal procedures are handled
✓ Write opinions and conduct legal research as needed to reach determinations or create written documents
✓ Determine proper sentencing, monetary fees and damages to be paid upon the completion of a case and hand down the ruling in the courtroom to the responsible party


✓ Master / BSc degree in Law
✓ At least five years of experience practicing law
✓ Able to review and analyse the factual and legal components of a case
✓ Knowledge of laws, legal issues and judicial procedures
✓ Respectful and professional manner
✓ Proven record of pursuing justice under the law

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