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Responsibilities include:

As a Journalist, your role will be to contribute in the publication of timely and accurate news.

✓ Conduct research to uncover interesting and significant news
✓ Gather, corroborate and interpret data
✓ Interview key persons (witnesses, sources etc.) to obtain more information
✓ Use findings to construct a well-written article
✓ Retain awareness of the readers’ point of view
✓ Obtain first-hand information by being present in happenings
✓ Receive assignments or investigate news leads/tips
✓ Comply with the moral code of the profession
✓ Maintain notes and audio recordings
✓ Partner with other journalists, editors, producers etc
✓ Establish contacts and sources for use in future research
✓ Keep abreast on developments by studying papers, attending events etc.


✓ BSc degree in journalism or relevant field
✓ Proven working experience as a Journalist or Reporter
✓ Portfolio of published articles or newscasts
✓ Ability to follow strict deadlines and fast-check information
✓ Current knowledge of headlines
✓ Computer proficiency (MS Office, digital editing, web search, databases)
✓ Excellent communication and networking skills along with an aptitude in extracting information
✓ Good observation and deduction skills
✓ Integrity and morality

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