Job Description
Investment Banker

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Investment Banker
Responsibilities include:

As an Investment Banker, your responsibility includes valuate companies and assist clients in raising capital. More about this role:

✓ Develop financial models, performing customised company valuation analysis.
✓ Actively involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions and fixed income and equity issuances.
✓ Prepare and organize presentations to clients, which explain industry trends, assess clients' situations to provide the necessary financial advice, and recommend strategies to meet client goals.
✓ Conduct strategic research and due diligence investigations
✓ Manage IPOs and private equity placements
✓ Discover and close potential investors
✓ Facilitate mergers and acquisitions


✓ BSc/BA in finance, business administration or similar field; graduate degree is a plus.
✓ Proven experience as an Investment Banker or Underwriter
✓ Experience with valuation, modeling and forecasting
✓ Knowledge of regulations covering securities and M&As
✓ Solid grasp of current market developments
✓ Strong analytical and quantitative skills
✓ Ability to work under pressure

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