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Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Responsibilities include:

As a HSE Officer, you will implement and enforce safety policies that reduce the risk of accidents and create regulations and policies to overcome them

✓ Identify the possibility of hazards and risks of the construction project through regular coordinated site inspections
✓ Determine and delivering policies needed to apply, and acknowledge how to enforce them
✓ Continually monitor the implementation of HSE's regulation suggested for the project and periodically providing evaluation and improvement suggestions
✓ Prevent accident, and investigate if any accidents occur
✓ Develop of technical reports in relation to health and safety issues and communicate through presentations to diverse groups of decision makers


✓ Bachelor's Degree in Public Health/ Occupational Health or equivalent
✓ Certified as a HSE Officer
✓ Familiar and understand HSE regulation
✓ Good analytical thiniking

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