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Responsibilities include:

As a Headmaster, you will leading teachers and staff, setting goals and ensuring students meet their learning objectives. You will overseeing school’s day-to-day operations means handling disciplinary matters. You will providing leadership, direction and co-ordination within the school

✓ Leading of the school, evaluating of the school’s staff, and the overseer of the operations of the building
✓ Supervising and evaluating school policy effects and take action where necessary
✓ Developing creative and responsive approaches to teaching and learning
✓ Preparing the budget of the year keeping in view the estimated expenditure in the session
✓ Organizing the activities of the school with the co-operation of staff and students
✓ Leading in developing, achieving, and maintaining the strongest possible educational programs and services which promote the goals and objectives of the school
✓ Directing a program of evaluation through classroom visitation, lesson observation, and self-evaluation of teaching methods, curriculum content, and class- room management


✓ Master degree in the relevant discipline
✓ Leadership ability in school administration, curriculum development, program evaluation, staff development, school improvement, and staff supervision and evaluation
✓ Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
✓ Hold or be eligible for the Principal certificate
✓ Strong desire to build the spiritual, physical, social, emotional and academic foundations of all students in preparation to engage the world
✓ Ability and willingness to deal with issues proactively, which includes excellent interpersonal skills to solve problems and resolve conflicts
✓ Strong written and verbal communication

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