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Hardware Engineer

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Hardware Engineer
Responsibilities include:

As a Hardware Engineer research, design, develop and test new keyboards, computer chips or printers and oversee the manufacturing of these types of items

✓ Analyze the test results and modify the design as needed
✓ Update existing computer equipment with new software
✓ Test the computer hardware by the new design
✓ Handle all computer components – circuit boards, processors, memory devices, routers.
✓ Design the new computer hardware with creating schematics of computer equipment
✓ Oversee the manufacturing process for computer hardware
✓ Creating blueprints
✓ Modifying designs


✓ Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering or electrical engineering or related field; some positions may require a master's degree
✓ Skill in hardware engineering software (such as Altium Designer, Orcad, Cadence Allegro)
✓ Good in operating system software (such as Linux and UNIX)
✓ Skill in electronics tools (such as soldering irons and magnifiers)

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