Job Description
HR Analyst

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HR Analyst
Responsibilities include:

As an HR Analyst, your responsibility includes gather and process qualitative and quantitative data around jobs, compensation and employment trends. More about this role:

✓ Gather benchmark data about jobs, compensation and benefits
✓ Map out salary ranges for our open positions
✓ Calculate retention, turnover and internal mobility rates
✓ Report on key recruiting metrics like time to fill and hiring costs
✓ Assist hiring managers in designing hiring and training plans
✓ Forecast costs by department and help create budgets
✓ Assess results from our employee performance reviews


✓ Min. 1-year experience in related field
✓ Solid understanding of HR fundamentals
✓ Strong interpersonal skills
✓ Proven ability to manage multiple projects
✓ A demonstrated ability to learn quickly and adapts to an ever-changing environment.

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