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Geotechnical Engineer

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Geotechnical Engineer
Responsibilities include:

As a Geotechnical Engineer, you will be the one of the earliest to give analyses about the site condition and give strategy on how the project should be running

✓ Inspecting the composition of naturally-occurring formations at each prospective site
✓ Drawing an array of samples and studying these in the laboratory
✓ Determining the likelihood of consequential movements in the land
✓ Reviewing prevailing weather patterns and searching for noteworthy anomalies
✓ Suggesting effective fixes to geotechnical obstacles


✓ Bachelor's degree programs in civil, geotechnical, geological, and environmental engineering
✓ Has ability to check the site conditions by sampling water, soil and rock at field sites
✓ Proficience conducting research analyses for the geotechnical data
✓ Project Management

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