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General Practitioner

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General Practitioner
Responsibilities include:

As a General Practitioner, you will be the first professional to look in diagnosing illness, and your suggeestion will led to further treatments

✓ Administering medication topically, orally, and via intravenous or intramuscular injections
✓ Examine patients for illness or injury, plan and provide treatment in the form of medicines and therapies and refer them to specialist providers if necessary
✓ Work with other physicians and supportive staff as a team in order to collaborate on diagnoses and perform procedures
✓ Collect, record and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports and examination results
✓ Discuss side-effects, best conditions for use, and possible interactions of medication
✓ Referring patients to specialists for further testing and treatment, if needed


✓ Bachelor's Degree in Medical Studies
✓ Successful completion of a 3-year residency training program or equivalent authorized certified doctor profession
✓ Integrity and strong professional code of ethics
✓ Adherence to health and ethical codes, including when under duress
✓ Ability to make decisions in high-pressure situations

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