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Game Developer

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Game Developer
Responsibilities include:

As a Game Developer, your responsibility includes creating a story, outlining designs, and creating prototypes. More about this role:

✓ Translate requirements into complicated but clean and efficient code, construct the base or the engine on which the game will run, and produce prototypes of gameplay ideas and features
✓ Develop schedules and determine milestones, generate game scripts and storyboards, animate characters and objects
✓ Contribute to the design and audio features of the game
✓ Create unit tests and validation procedures to assure quality
✓ Detect identification and resolution and document technical specifications
✓ “Polish” the game, maintain code, fix bugs and iron out occurring problems


✓ Possess a Degree/Diploma in Computer Science, Engineering or related field.
✓ Proficient in C# and C++ with good understanding of object oriented development
✓ Broad knowledge of Unity3D and Unreal
✓ Knowledge of common algorithms, design patterns and structures
✓ Aware and capable of respecting the constraints of developing for mobile and XR devices
✓ Wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends.
✓ Strong analytical frame of mind.
✓ A passion for video games.

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