Job Description
Funding Relationship Manager

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Funding Relationship Manager
Responsibilities include:

As a Funding Relationship Manager, you will be responsible to achieve sales targets for funding products, increase market share and branch portfolio by fostering good relationships with existing customers and attracting new customers.

✓ Ensuring approving sales targets for product approval (funding) at the branch
✓ Increase cross-selling between product approval (funding) and loans (loans) at branches to support the achievement of branch targets
✓ Provide the best service and product information suitable, support good relations and provide banking solutions that are suitable for buyers
✓ Ensure that all processes related to the sale of approved products (funding) are in accordance with applicable regulations and policies
✓ Coordinate, direct, and create a system and work that is harmonious in achieving productivity and work in the branch
✓ Comply with policies, procedures and regulations


✓ Minimum has a Diploma (D3) from any major
✓ Have a minimum of 2 years work experience as a sales person, especially in the banking industry
✓ Knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) practices
✓ Problem-solving attitude
✓ Excellent communication skills
✓ Aptitude for fostering positive relationships
✓ Teamwork and leadership skills
✓ Customer-oriented mindset

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