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Financial Analyst

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Financial Analyst
Responsibilities include:

As a Financial Analyst, your responsibility includes provide accurate and data based information on company’s profitability, solvency, stability and liquidity. More about this role:

✓ Analyse and prepare financial and non-financial data (analyse revenue, expense, capex, etc.) to develop financial and performance insights.
✓ Monitor and report achievement of actual performance against budget, KPI performance and business plan strategies.
✓ Consolidate actual financial performance of each of the entities for internal and external reporting.
✓ Develop financial models, dashboard and analyse to support management decision.
✓ Control and monitor the company’s budget and actual performance.
✓ Drive the company’s growth, profitability and performance by providing analysis on the company’s key factors – for instance revenue, costs, gross margin, EBIT, etc.


✓ Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance or equivalent.
✓ Strong knowledge of reporting requirements, financial planning and strong technical skills.
✓ Strong analytical thinker, proactive and independent.
✓ Strong problem analysis capabilities, especially within strict timescales and deadlines.
✓ Outstanding presentation, reporting and communication skills.
✓ Proven knowledge of financial forecasting and diagnosis, corporate finance and information analysis.
✓ Well informed in current financial subjects, accounting, tax laws, money market and business environments.

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