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Facility and maintenace manager

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Facility and maintenace manager
Responsibilities include:

As a Facility and Maintenance Manager you will work with some professionals, to fulfil the needs for the building. Working from the design planning, to maintaining the building conditions

✓ Ensure that designated buildings, plant and facilities are fit for purpose and to provide proactive support/solutions when required
✓ Carrying out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues
✓ Develops, recommends, and administers policies, procedures, and processes in support of building maintenance operations
✓ Checking electrical and hydraulic systems of buildings to ensure functionality
✓ Oversee equipment stock and place orders for new supplies when necessary


✓ Bachelor's Degree in Engineer or equivalent
✓ Strong knowledge of engineering concepts, including electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems
✓ Solid understanding of technical aspects of plumbing, carpentry, electrical systems
✓ Familiar with Applicable State, and local laws, rules, regulations, codes, and/or statutes of assigned areas of responsibility

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