Job Description
Export Import Staff

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Export Import Staff
Responsibilities include:

As a Export Import Staff you will manage data for international shipments and provide support for many steps of the transportation process.

✓ Rate and route international traffic
✓ Follow up with customers to resolve inquires
✓ Arrange for pick up and movement of freight to gateways
✓ Initiate and maintain customer master profiles in order to have correct information on hand in order to offer consistent service.
✓ Communicating information and instructions to/from vendors.
✓ Review all documents, contact all first-time customers, perform credit checks, and handle other tasks as needed.


✓ Must have customer service and negotiation skills to deal with the demands of overseas and local clients
✓ Confident with figures, since they'll have to convert weights, volumes, and currencies for international shipments.
✓ Being able to demonstrate good administrative skills and previous employment in a clerical role may be sufficient
✓ Well organised and is able to deal with heavy workloads would enjoy this fulfilling role.
✓ Favor clerks with computer experience

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